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This is the low-hanging fruit out there. When you want an easy win with content marketing, start a newsletter that is filled with content your target travelers would be interested in. Whether it be destination related or niche related, it’s a great article stack to add on-top of your current marketing or you can just start with it.

For this specific type of newsletter, we highlight other people’s content but the blog post is on your site. The most important part is to reach out to the people you’ve highlighted in your newsletter so they can share the content too!

What You Can Expect

We’ll start collecting data from influencers so that each time they release a new piece of content (articles, podcasts, or videos), we know it and short list the best ones to include into your companies newsletter.

Once a month, we’ll collect the top 8 articles and write a blog post highlighting them on your site. Next, we’ll reach out to these influencers on your behalf and notify them that we’ve shared their content with our audience. When they reply, it’ll go straight to your inbox so you can start forming a relationship right there.

What We Need From You

  • The niche you are in, whether by destination or niche
  • Your top competitors
  • Influencers you want to target (if you have any in mind)
  • Access to your site to post the blog post
  • Access to your email service provider to send the newsletter out to your email list


How will this influencer newsletter help my business?

Influencers generally have a human touch that most businesses don’t have. In many cases though, these influencers do not have a sustainable business model like yourself.

They’re always looking to network with brands that can provide them with income via “sponsored posts”. Instead of paying for them to give you brand a shout out and remove it from their social media after a few days, this allows you to reach them in a more cost-effective manner. All while providing interesting content to your own subscribers.

Influencers want us to write about them and they want to share the pieces of content that people have written about them. It’s a win-win for all parties – your email list, the influencers, and your website.

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