50 Blog Post Ideas – Relevant To Your Audience & Niche


This is the first part of most content strategies. Finding relevant content for your site is the first step in laying the foundations for ranking higher in Google‘s search engine. The more content Google see’s your site putting out around a certain area, the better they understand what you’re all about. This makes you more relevant in the eyes of search engines but also more useful to potential travelers as well.

What You Can Expect

We’ll come up with 50 blog posts that are based around your niche that travelers are already searching for. You’ll get an idea of how many people are searching for this information as well. So you can decide which answers to place more emphasis and energy on.

What We Need From You

  • Your travel niche and/or destination
  • Common questions you receive¬†from your current prospects


Will I automatically rank for those questions if I answer them properly?

The quick answer is “not quite”. There are few things to assess. Generally, Google will favor websites with more content around a certain subject, so if you are competing with a more authoritative site then you’ll have a harder beating them. However, word length is one way to combat this. If your articles are longer and more detailed, then your chances of ranking a single article for multiple questions is much higher and generally leads to a better experience for travelers¬†conducting research.

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