Cohost Mastery is a course designed to get you started in the Airbnb Cohosting business.

Eric D. Moeller is the main instructor for the Cohost Mastery Training and has been a real estate investor since 2007. Eric has been buying, fixing and flipping properties in parallel with traveling.

Based on Eric's experience talking to many full time hosts during his travels, he then founded Homtel, a short term rental management company serving clients in the United Stats, Mexico and Canada.

In order to share his knowledge with others to enable them to reach the similar success, Eric has first created the Airbnb Mastery Summit and now the Cohost Mastery training.

Who is this course for?

This course has been designed for people wanting to build property management businesses using rental arbitrage and the master leasing model.

Let’s stop here for a moment to clarify these terms.

Stepping away from the traditional model, where one owns the property and pays for the mortgage and all the related costs to set it up, rental arbitrage or master lease helps you to expand your number of listings without requiring a bigger initial investment by simply co-hosting them.

This means that you do not own the property but you lease it and partner with the owners. For the partnership, the landlord may offer furnishings and all other physical items related to it (while not always) and you offer your expertise, knowledge, services and technology to manage the listing and maximize its income by advertising your property on Airbnb or other Short Term Rental (STR) sites.

The business of Airbnb cohosting

This course introduces you to co-hosting and gives you a strong foundation and all the assets and knowledge needed to make a living from this business.

The course also shares with you a 3-Step process to find, negotiate and list properties.

You'll also get insight to the latest tools to automate your Airbnb business and improve revenue, save time and also find better properties to invest with your partners on. Overall Eric and his team teach you all you need to know to become a successful cohost.

Here are some details for what you can expect from the course:

  • Gain a good understanding of the co-hosting business, of the needed assets and preparation to set up and start your own business.
  • Helps you to learn how to find the right listing to partner with, based on a detailed market analysis Eric has developed over the years 
  • Helps you to enter the market and build up your local credibility
  • Walkthroughs of the most important technology tools and experts that can help you to automate your business and provides you detailed video trainings on them
  • Helps you to set up your new listing and streamline the onboarding of any future listings
  • Shares best practices on how to build an efficient team 
  • Helps you to ensure that your guests have a positive hospitality experience
Cohost Mastery Course Material

So what do you get exactly in the Airbnb Co-host Mastery Program?

  • You get online lessons on running and operating an Airbnb co-hosting business as part of the Cohost Mastery training
  • Under tools and resources and the Mastermind Vault you can access all the materials referenced in the trainings (templates, guidebooks, job descriptions, etc.)
  • The Airbnb Mastery Summit package gives you access to interviews with 20 experts of this business to share their experience with you
  • Under the Mastery Summit Bonus you can learn proven strategies from 20+ world class Airbnb & Real Estate Experts in exclusive sessions

Modules of the training

The contents of the training are organized into 7 different modules. We've put together some insight of what to expect under each module.

An Introduction to Short-term Rentals

This module provides an introduction to the world of the short term rentals, helps you to get familiar with the basic concepts of this business and talks about the different ways of growing your business with the master lease and rental arbitrage business model. This is a very useful module to set your expectations and gain the background knowledge needed to start your own business.

Business Preparation

As the title suggests, this module will tell you all you need to know when setting up a new co-hosting business, starting with the contractual and legal agreements, taxation (you'll need an understanding of your own local bylaws though) and any assets and personnel you might need to have ready when going live with your new company.

This area is also where you can get advice on how to increase your presence and credibility within your own local market.

Market Knowledge

One of the most useful parts of the training. It shows you powerful tools to gain deep insight into your market and also helps you to understand the factors to consider when backing up your strategic business decisions with market data. This is a must for professional hosts and co-hosts and will help you bring credibility during your pitches to land lords.

Building a Dream Team

When things start to grow to a larger scale, one can’t handle it all alone. You can certainly handle cleaning yourself but that's not what will get you to building a "real business." This specific module talks about all the resources needed, how to select them and what to take into consideration when forming your team. It also suggests some smart apps to organize and communicate with your team members and schedule their work.

Locate Profitable Listings

This module shares all the valuable experience Eric has gathered throughout the years and gives you guidance on how to find the properties that best suit your business goals. Learn to analyze certain markets and your competitors, as well as bringing on the right partners to help you choose a more profitable listing.

Prepping Your Listing

This helps you to streamline the onboarding of your new listings and to have them prepared to receive your first guests. Its a useful guide not only for co-hosts but also new hosts as the same logic applies when setting up any new listing.

We personally liked the way Eric shares his knowledge in a structured way, saving potential students all the thinking and planning behind building up such an onboarding process and also helping avoid running into potential issues.

Hosting and Hospitality

This section gives you insight to first of all, how to choose your guests smartly to avoid any issues. Secondly, it helps you streamline and automate your communication with guests, creating a flawless turn over process and making your life way easier while ensuring high guest satisfaction. It also helps you to understand how to create a unique experience for your guests and go beyond their expectations – adding that "cherry on top."

Expert Trainings

In addition to the modules above, you also get Expert trainings which provide detailed, step-by-step video guides on the use and the features of all the tech tools mentioned during the training sessions, partnering with the developers of these tools.

Mastermind Vault

Under the Mastermind Vault you can get access to additional, shorter trainings and interviews for example on how to set your business goals. You also get an intro to Airbnb SEO from Rankbreeze founder, Kelvin Mah.

The Facebook Group & Monthly Mastermind

Although this isn't a module in the training, it's great to have because Eric and his team are constantly running special Facebook lives and special series to keep up the education as people get more and more experienced.

The Verdict

Overall, this is a well-built, structured, easy to digest training, backed up by all the knowledge Eric Moeller and the industry experts he has gathered. All that put together into a neat package should save you from jeopardizing your own business with some commonly wrong decisions.

You get a great introduction to different technology solutions and this should help you to save a lot of time and maximize your income.

This course and the bonuses are perfect for people who are only getting familiar with the short term rental business but we have to admit, that as an experienced hosts, we still had quite a few "wow moments" and learnt quite a few new things.

With all the additional templates and resources provided, this course really gives you practical, hands on training to start a successful co hosting business.

If you'd like to learn more or purchase the course, Eric has put together a webinar that explains the CoHost Mastery Program in more detail here.