The Airbnb Ecosystem

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Every day, there are more and more hosts coming to the Airbnb platform for diverse reasons.

With that surge, there comes a new economy all around serving guests and hosts alike.

Where We Are Today


This is the backbone of the Airbnb economy. The guests are part of a two-sided marketplace and the platform is always trying to match their guests to the best hosts, and vice-versa.


Hosts provide the living space and are mostly compiled of side-hustling vacation rental managers. They’re consistently trying to improve their personal service, listings, and overall booking rate.

Property Managers

Airbnb property managers provide an all-in-one service where they handle the duties required in running the property. This usually includes meeting guests, scheduling cleaners, providing pricing strategies and more.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are an important part of pleasing guests. Property managers and owners rely on these folks to help clean up after guests have left and prepare for the next visitor. A well-run property will have operating procedures for cleaners to follow.

Concierge Services

This adds a step above for those residences that require special attention. Whether it’s a complete concierge¬†service or simply welcoming guests.The possibilities are endless with this part of the ecosystem because the services can vary significantly and aren’t held to set rules or offerings.


Most of the software in the Airbnb space has to do with property management. It’s usually a suite of tools that help with reporting, scheduling, channel management, and payment processing. Watch this area closely as Airbnb opens up their API to the public.

Physical Products

You’ll find a mix of everything here. Everything from toiletries, remote locks, and even noise signallers. The space for Airbnb products is growing but entering the market here is a lot more difficult because you really need to stand out.


Companies are coming into play by providing financing for Airbnb hosts the ability to expand their operations.

Financing companies will prepay hosts for future revenue, provide insurance, and even provide mortgages. This is a space to watch as financial instruments become innovative,

Data & Analytics

With so much data being used to match guests with the right host, it’s only natural that people are going to want to measure and watch that data.

Over 150 million users are on the Airbnb platform and 640,000 hosts to match them up with. This is a where big data comes to life and will provide tons of value.

Where Are You In The Ecosystem?

This is an exciting time to see a network of individual property owners grow into its own existence. Hosts are working together to solve issues, while guests are returning to the platform time and time again. It’s now the number one source for vacation rentals and the travel industry is, of course, the largest of all. This should be fun!

Where is RemoteScale in the ecosystem?

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